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Spring Fashion: Be free, be you-ti-ful

Spring Fashion: Be free, be you-ti-ful

Fashion, as we know, is subjective, and that being said it is important to have a few tricks up your sleeves when you’re either designing or choosing an outfit based on the current season. This is done just so you have an edge and stand out from the norm. A new season not only births a change in winds and tides, but it also signifies a new fashion frontier, a switch more like, from the previous trends. Now, with winter gone, it’s time to shed some of those fur coats and heavy jackets and slip on some jeans with a bright colored sweater to match, because the sun is out, and with it comes the fun. This spring you’re going to need all the tips and tricks you can get your hands on so that you’re not caught wanting or serving a different season’s trends. Luckily, Taste of Urban is here to put you through on all of that. Here are some spring fashion tips coming your way.

Be colorful

Spring is when the flowers are just starting to bloom and your fashion choices should incorporate one or two bright colors. However, this needs scrutiny as most people tend to overdo it. For a casual look stick to shirts, tops, and sweaters that would surely change one’s mood. Pair these with some shorts, skirts or jeans with the right pair of boots and a trench coat and "WHALLA! You’ll look like you stepped out of Vogue. Lastly, in an attempt to ‘be colorful’ and stylish, floral prints also get the job done.

Be comfy

Nothing screams bad style like a dress that is too tight for your body type or a pair of shoes that are so discomforting you’ll have to remove them mid-journey. This spring, breathe. It’s okay to wear maxi dresses and sandals. It’s okay to put on those mom jeans or a monochrome flare top. It’s all about being fashionable without fracturing your ankles or being too conscious of how you look. Be free, be you-ti-ful. Don’t try discomforting yourself to look classy or stylish because it always ends in one sort of wardrobe malfunction or the other.


Accessories are the little details that make the whole outfit come together. Spring is all about them, from sunglasses (thankfully) to pieces of jewelry, caps, the whole works. Don’t shy away from these life-changing fashion pieces. Go for hats, scarves, pieces of jewelry and statement pieces that have the aura and intensity of the season. A good scarf will make you look like a debutante while a fedora hat will highlight the classy you. These are all accessories that you need to invest in, we can guarantee that you’ll love the yields.

With spring in its full glory, the need to showcase your sense of style arises once again. Luckily at Taste of Urban, you won’t need to wrack your brain about these details. There are infinite numbers of gorgeous, season-appropriate outfits that will surely make your jaw drop, and the best part is, you won’t need to break your bank to look this chic. Head over to our website and shop till you drop (literally).  

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

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